Our Philosophy and Values

Promise Safe healthy Effective Skin Care 100% Free of Harmful Chemicals Vegetarian Cruelty Free Sustainability Minimal and Recyclable Packaging Transparency and Clear Labels

Our Philosophy 

We are a company that cares passionately about bringing health and beauty to people and the planet. That’s why we are dedicated to using responsible business practices on our journey of detoxifying your skin, celebrating your unique beauty, and protecting our planet.

None of our formulations are tested on animals, and our products do not contain any of the cosmetic ingredients banned for use in the United States, the European Union, and Canada.

Our Values

At Kaia Earth, we are guided by 4 values truly important to us:

  • Beauty
  • Sustainability
  • Love
  • Giving back

We dare to do what we believe in.

Beauty - It's the state or quality of being happy. Our approach to beauty is built on a foundation of respect for nature, pure and simplicity.

Something that is pure is clean and does not contain any harmful substances.

Sustainability -

To us, sustainability is everything. We don’t take it lightly when we say part of our goal is integrate sustainability into our everyday operations.

Our commitment to sustainability includes the following key tenets:

  • Minimal impact on the environment.
  • Focus on selling the cleanest products.
  • Use minimal and recyclable packaging.
  • Educate consumers on health, equity and global responsibility.
~We use sustainable ingredients:  
  • Healthy & safe to use
  • Cruelty free 
  • Sustainably produced.
~We use vegan ingredients: Our ingredients are botanical based.  All products are vegan and always will be.
~We use eco-responsible materials  to pack our products: glass & recycled packaging: We strive to deliver a beautiful presentation of our products, without making the environment suffer in the process.
~We choose our suppliers and manufacturers by their commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes eliminating toxic pollution.
~We educate consumers on eco-friendly choices and ways that they can help to accomplishing sustainability for our modern world.
~We aim to run our office as a zero waste facility. This means recycling, re-use, re-purpose and minimizing waste.

    Love - We love our clients, our animals, our planet, and ourselves. Our products are carefully and lovingly handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness and 100% cruelty-free.

    Giving Back - Helping and giving back to the community is an important part of Kaia Earth and will always be core to our work. We are committed to making a positive impact on people and the community, that’s why we pledge to donate a portion of our profits.

    Kaia Earth Skin Care is part of the 1% for the Planet movement and donates 1% of its sales to non-profit organizations that work to protect the environment.

    Every purchase of a Kaia Earth product is an endorsement by the consumer of our commitment to promote and follow a sustainable lifestyle for our beautiful planet.

    "Remember one thing, that you should not leave the Earth until you have made it a little more beautiful, a little lovelier, a little more loving." - Osho


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