Meet the Founder

Gloria Onderdonk


Kaia Earth Founder, Gloria Onderdonk

I am a mother, a nature and animal lover from Venezuela and am passionate about beauty, wellness, and philanthropy. Like many of you, I am very health-conscious about the products we use for our family and ourselves.

I was shocked to discover the great amount of nasty products with synthetic chemicals and unsafe ingredients we put on our bodies every day, that are affecting our health and destroying the environment. 

I wanted to make a difference, to do my part in helping the world become a better place. I began searching for pure and ethical beauty products and found it very difficult to find them. It was then that I decided to take my love of wellness, beauty, and the environment to build a sustainable business, and create my own beauty line of healthy, safe, and effective products for the skin.

After more than two years in development, and many ups and downs, I am so proud to be able to launch Kaia Earth Skin Care knowing we are making a difference with products that will help you look good and feel good.  That is what beauty is all about.

I truly hope you enjoy and love Kaia Earth Skin Care as much as I do!

 XOXO Gloria Onderdonk Kaia Earth